Best Selling Resistance Bands

We’ve started to hear more and more about resistance bands lately.

Tom Brady has credited at least some of his longevity to this simple piece of workout equipment.  And if that’s not enough…

Resistance bands are extremely portable & storable allowing you an effective workout anywhere (even if you live in a NYC apartment.)

Amazon’s Top Selling Resistance Bands

Limm Resistance bands come in a set of 5, each with varying degrees of resistance.  At right around 10 bucks, these will certainly get the job done and the great reviews make this an easy top choice.

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Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

The beauty of this product is the flexibility and comfort.  Dial in your perfect resistance level by mixing and matching different bands.

The comfort grip handles, ankle strap, and door anchor make this a definite step up from the basics.  Easily work almost any muscle group.


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Motivated Fitness Thigh, Hip, and Booty Bands

Consider this a premium version of the first bands listed.  Top reviews show those who buy don’t regret their decision.

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